Through various set-backs, hold-ups, and delays I have finally put up a new post. There is no real reason that stopped from posting over these past few months. Part of it has to due with not being able to obtain Diancie until another distribution and part of it came from needing a break from Pokémon and writing. I believe I’m ready to get back to writing again, returning to my PokeQuest, and even creating some videos. Here is the little progress that was made over the break between the last post and this one.

                I caught one Pokémon, received one as a gift in-game, and evolved one Pokémon. The Pokémon I caught was Necrozma on my way up to the Elite 4. To capture Necrozma, I used a Masterball so there would not be any drama in its capture. Now that I have Necrozma, I can now fuse Necrozma with Lunala to create Dawn Wings Necrozma. Then in battle I can use Ultra Burst to change Dawn Wings Necrozma into Ultra Necrozma. But before I can do that I need to capture Lunala in Ultra Moon.

              The Pokemon that I received in Ultara Moon is Poipole. Poipole is given to you from an Ultra Recon Squad member, in Ultar Moon its from Dulse, after beating Ultra Necrozma in the story line in the game. Poipole is the cover Pokemon for this post as it is one of two Ultra Beasts that were obtained over the break. The other one is Naganadel, which evolved from Poipole. In order for Poipole to evolve into Naganadel, Poipole needs to know the move Dragon Pulse and then level up. I had to take Poipole to the Move Relearner to relearn Dragon Pulse, for the cost of a heart scale, because it did not have that move and it is a move that Poipole only learns at level 1.

                Over the break I obtained three Pokémon through the 2018 Legendary Pokémon distribution. They were Heatran, Xerneas, and Groudon. Heatran was given away through the Pokémon Training Club Newsletter. Xerneas and Groudon were given away from codes found on cards given away at GameStop. All of these Pokémon are level 100 and cannot be used in battle until I beat the Elite 4.

                Going forward, I need to catch Lunala and level up the Pokémon in my party. Once I have captured Lunala I can fuse it with Necrozma to create Dawn Wings Necrozma. I need to make sure that they are all level 60 or higher, so they will have a chance against the Elite 4. Once I beat the Elite 4 I can capture the last Ultra Beasts, Stakataka. Until next time, the PokeQuest continues.