This post is a combination of the past few weeks since my last post. The main reason for this is that the story in Ultra Moon is very similar to the one in Moon, so I would be retreading the same things that I have written about in previous posts. There was only one new Pokémon that I obtained this week which is Blacephalon. Blacephalon is an Ultra Beast exclusive to Ultra Sun and I traded my Castform from my copy of Pokémon Moon. Now I do not have to make any more trades going foreward, which is why Blacephalon is the cover Pokémon for this post. Now, to my progress so far.

                Currently in my party I have Incineroar, Rockruff, Slowbro, Charjabug, Inkay, and Pelipper. Incineroar evolved from Torracat at level 34 which evolved from Litten at level 17. Slowbro evolved from Slowpoke at level 37. Charjabug evolved from Grubbin at level 20. Finally, Pelipper evolved from Wingull at level 25. This is the team I have used for most of the game and I have not had the need to switch to other Pokémon in the PC.

                Along the way I did not take too much time to catch Pokémon. Although I did catch 16 Pokémon while training to battle the island captains, kahunas, and Team Skull. These Pokémon were Buneary, Magnemite, Noibat, Oricorio, Rattata, Caterpie, Spinarak, Pikipek, Ekans, Cutifly, Mankey, Yungoos, Gastly, Ditto, Minior, and Komala. By having these Pokemon stored in a box in the game’s PC I am able to develop islands in Poke Pelago. Poke Pelago lets the Pokémon stored in the PC boxes do activities such as looking for items, work out, relax in a hot spring, or just chill out. Another feature of Poke Pelago is to obtain Pokémon by sitting beans out for them in a box. That is how I obtained Staryu. Next on to the Pokémon I obtained through various events.

                The first event Pokémon that I obtained was Rockruff. It was a mystery gift giveaway and this Rockruff will evolve into the new dusk form of Lycanroc. Next, there is Dialga which was one of February’s Legendary Pokémon that was given away. Dialgia was received from a code given out on cards that could be obtained at a GameStop. If was playing Ultra Sun I would have received Palikia instead of Dialga. Finally, there is an event that just started at the time of this post going live. It is through Pokémon Bank, and it is a giveaway of three level 50 Pokémon. They are Decidueye, Incineroar, and Primarina which are all the final forms of the starter Pokémon in Sun and Moon. I am still waiting on March’s Pokémon Trainer Newsletter which will give away a code similar to the Dialgia/Palkia code which I use for Heattran on Ultra Moon.

                Currently I am at the last Island in Ultra Moon which is Poni Island. So, hopefully by next week I should have beaten Ultra Moon and obtained at least two of the three Ultra Beasts I need to obtain. After that I will try to fill out the rest of the Ultra Moon PokeDex. Until next time, the PokeQuest continues.