This post has been very long in the making. It should have been posted months ago as the progress being reported below have been done months ago. There are many causes in the delay of this post. But, now I have restarted my quest to obtain every Pokémon. Which the total is now up to 806.

                So, once I produced an egg from Ditto and Infernape in Pokémon Diamond, I moved the hatched Chimchar to Pokémon X. I then raised Chimchar to level 14 and it evolved into Monferno. Monferno would then evolve into Infrenape at level 36. Infernape is the cover for this post because it was the last regular Pokémon I obtained before I bought Pokémon Ultra Moon. Also, the fire it produces is symbolic of restarting my PokeQuest.

                I now need 5 more Pokémon to obtain all 806 Pokémon. Four are from the newly released Ultra Sun and Moon. The other one is the Mythical Pokémon Diancie. I will have to wait for another Mythical Pokémon distribution until I can obtain Diancie. However, new four Pokemon are all Ultra Beasts. Two of them are version specific so I will have to trade to get the other one. Until next time, the PokeQuest continues.