This past week I finally moved my first Pokémon from a DS game to a 3DS game. I downloaded the Pokémon Transporter and moved Purrloin from Black to X. Purrloin is the cover Pokémon for this post. Out of games that I own, Purrloin is only found in Black. It also key in completing every PokeDex in X because it has a spot in the Mountain Kalos PokeDex. Including Purrloin, all of my progress this week was done on Pokémon X.

                After importing Purrloin into X from Black, it evolved into Liepard at level 20. Then Grotle evolved into Torterra at level 32. After that I traded Bonsly for Shiftry. I had to trade for Shiftry because I could not obtain it in any of the games that I own, even though I originally thought I could obtain it in Alpha Sapphire.  Once I obtained Shiftry, I bred it with Ditto to produce an egg. From that egg, Seedot was hatched. Seedot then evolved into Nuzleaf at level 14.

                My total amount of Pokémon obtained now is at 761. I still need 40 more Pokémon. 21 of those 40 Pokémon come from starter Pokémon and their evolutions. Some of these Pokémon I can obtain through my copies of Soul Silver, Diamond, Black, and Leaf Green. Otherwise I will have to trade for the remaining starters. Also, I hope that some Mirage Spots in Alpha Sapphire show up that I have not visited yet, so I can obtain the remaining Pokémon that are found at those locations. Until next time, the PokeQuest continues.