This week I obtained 6 Pokémon bringing my total to 77. Now that may not seem like a big addition, but includes one of most important Pokémon in Pokémon Moon. Although its image on the cover of this post may spoil one of the Pokémon I obtained. I feel that how I obtained it is an accomplishment.

                Half of the Pokémon I obtained in the past week came through evolution. Spearow evolved into Fearow at level 20. Then Chinchou evolved into Lanturn at level 27. Later only during the night, Rattata evolved into Raticate at level 20. The other three Pokémon obtained were through catching them in the wild.

                All the Pokémon I caught in the wild I caught them with Dusk Balls. Dusk Balls are usefully for Pokémon that are in caves or outside at night. The three Pokémon I caught are Murkrow, Carbink, and Lunala. Lunala is the cover Pokémon for this post because it is the cover Pokémon of Moon, I did not have to use a Master Ball to catch it, and its capture means I have finished the campaign of Moon.

                Now my next step in Moon is to beat the Elite 4. As I level up my team I will start adding Pokémon from previous game through the update Pokémon Bank. However, I will go more into detail about this process. Until next time, the PokeQuest continues.